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Logo de Somatic Experiencing Spain

Somatic Experiencing® Spain

The teaching team includes the Instructorin charge of the lessons, demonstrations and coordination of the entire team; the Senior Assistant,who teaches, supervises and serves both students and team; Supervisors are responsible to facilitate supervision sessions on clinical cases; providers are authorized to give the required sessions in training; finally, the Junior Assistants are in learning process.

The whole team provides a safe environment, containment, smooth and clear boundaries in order to create the best conditions for the teaching process, always at the service of students.

Logo de Somatic Experiencing Barcelona

Somatic Experiencing® Barcelona

We are a team of professionals who have been working as a team for more than 15 years at the Adala Center. We are dedicated to psychotherapy and the formation of techniques that have proven more effective in the treatment of stress and trauma.

The Adala Center is approved by the SE ™ Trauma Institute to organize the Official Training of Somatic Experiencing® in Barcelona, Spain, and we are part of the European Association for Somatic Experiencing (EASE).

We count on you to continue in this adventure of somatic experience.

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Somatic Experiencing® Trauma Institute

The SE Trauma Institute is dedicated to resolving trauma worldwide by providing state-of-the-art professional training and public education in the Somatic Experiencing method. SE is a powerful psychobiological method for addressing physical and emotional trauma, PTSD, overwhelm, and stress related conditions. Through our membership association we support the self-organization of a broad international network of passionate skillful SE practitioners who serve individuals in need and communities in crisis around the globe.

Logo de la Asociación Europea de Somatic Experiencing

Asociación Europea Somatic Experiencing®

EASE was founded in February 2011. At present EASE has 40 members, where members are Trainers, National Associations and Organizers of Somatic Experiencing (SE)® in Europe.

EASE pursues the following goals:

To broaden and deepen the knowledge of SE® in Europe.

To act as a platform for promotion, communication and support of SE® in the professional social and healthcare communities.

To support and promote cooperation amongst its members: European SE® Trainers; National SE® Associations representing the SE® Practitioners in Europe; and Organizers of SE® trainings in Europe.

To embody and express the values of respect, transparency and deep democracy.