History. What we do. Purpose


In 2015, a group of professionals in Somatic Experiencing® (SE) wanted to become officially established as a group of professionals whose goal was to make this new and revolutionary method known, so people who still didn’t know about it could benefit from this discipline. In order to do this, the Spanish Association of Somatic Experiencing® (AESE – part of the European Association of Somatic Experiencing®) was created.

Every year, dozens of students complete their training of Somatic Experiencing ® in the different official training schools. These students are invited to join our association in order to create a network of professionals that help us disseminate Somatic Experiencing ® in our society, develop the application of this effective tool, and integrate SE in its different approaches, in order to enrich the experience of everyone.

We define ourselves as a non-profit organization: we are a focal point of SE professionals, neutral with respect to other organizations and schools.

What We Do. Purpose

Our main goal is to help disseminate Somatic Experiencing® in our environment and help potential users to find a qualified professional.

The association serves as a communication link between professionals of Somatic Experiencing® and we also offer training in cross-cutting areas of common interest for the group of professionals, beyond the field of expertise of each one. This way, the training modalities, in addition to keeping us in a process of continuous learning-development, serve as spaces for sharing, connection and union among the members of the Association.

From the Association we intend to:

  • Expand and deepen the knowledge of the Somatic Experiencing® professionals.
  • Act as a platform for the promotion, communication and support of Somatic Experiencing® in the different professional communities.
  • Support and promote cooperation among its members.
  • Embody and express the values ​​of respect and transparency.
Board of Directors

AESE currently has a Board of Directors with a variety of members that work based on a horizontal work model with support people.

  • President: Miriam Elizabeth Manzo
  • Secretary: Gloria Aberg Cobo
  • Treasurer: Miriam Cubiles
  • Vowels:
    • International Relations: