The symptoms of trauma are the result of an incomplete biological response highly activated to the threat, frozen in time.
By allowing this frozen response to thaw, move forward in time and then finish, the trauma can be healed

Peter Levine Medical biophysician and psychologist
What is Somatic Experiencing?

SOMATIC EXPERIENCING® is a powerful psychobiological method to resolve symptoms of trauma and discharge chronic stress.

With this method, it is possible to restore the nervous system, the body’s internal balance, improve resilience towards stress, increase vitality, equanimity and the person’s ability to actively participate in life.

The effects of untreated trauma can be devastating. But the trauma does not have to be a life sentence.

Peter Levine
Somatic Experiencing® Practitioners

With the term “Practitioner” we refer to the people who have completed the official training of 3 years as well as the required credits of sessions and supervisions to obtain official accreditation. These  people are named as SEPs (Somatic Experiencing Practitioners). These people are accredited to offer sessions following the method of Somatic Experiencing®.

News on Research

Currently, there is a need for research and publications on the effectiveness of the Somatic Experiencing® approach in order to provide scientific evidence.

From the Spanish Association of Somatic Experiencing we invite all friends and supporters of this model to inform us of any research on Somatic Experiencing® that they can find.


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There is a healthy shame and another that is not so. Healthy shame supports the growth, the Self and intimacy.
Los traumas de desarrollo forman las redes matrices que sientan las bases para una mayor o menor capacidad de resiliencia en la persona.
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