Somatic Experiencing® Visual Education

Visual Education for the Practice of Somatic Experiencing®
Integrating the Principles of Bates Method in the Practice of SOMATIC EXPERIENCING®
AIMED at: SEP and Somatic Experiencing Students (Level II iniciated)..
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“The symptoms of trauma appear when the residual energy of the experience has not been released from the body”.  (Peter Levine)

The trauma is the response to something that has been too much, too fast or too soon and therefore, leads to a disorganization of the organism. Thus, the visual function may also have been affected by the response of the nervous system to the traumatic event. The acquired postural and visual habits can be a symptom of the different types of traumas, big and small, that have happened to us during life.

The ophthalmologist William Bates, M.D., (1860-1931) discovered that vision is a variable condition that fluctuates depending on the physical, emotional and mental state. He attributed almost all the problems of sight to the tension in the gaze that is largely what determines how we see. The Bates Method develops, thanks to activities and games, the principles on which it is based: relaxation, movement, centralization and imagination. The practice of these principles offers the person a new opportunity to observe, feel and explore new experiences thus opening the option to a transformation in the visual habits and in the body.

From the approach of Somatic Experiencing and the Polivagal theory of the Autonomic Nervous System it is possible to understand the RELATIONSHIP between vision and trauma at the physiological level and how the practice of the Bates Method principles activate the Vagal Ventral branch of the Autonomic Nervous System. From this perspective, the visual function becomes an open window where observe, recognize, and explore the autonomic nervous system, allow self-regulation as well as restore the natural visual function and a greater order in the organism.

The objective of the workshop is the integration of the principles of the Bates Method in the practice of Somatic Experiencing.

Nina Hutchings
Visual Education
Has been teaching Visual Education for more than 20 years based on the Bates Method.

The workshop will offer a journey through the following points:

  • Know the natural functioning of the visual system: why and what we need to see.
  • Review the fundamental principles of the visual function.
  • Discover the relationship between the principles of visual function and the autonomic nervous system.
  • Understand the visual function in the different stages of the traumatic event.
  • Explore postural and visual habits acquired throughout life.
  • Observe and recognize the autonomic nervous system through symptoms and habits observed in the eyes.
  • Improve the self-regulation of the nervous system through the practice of visual exercises.
  • Learn to include the activities recommended by the Bates Method in the practice of Somatic Experiencing
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    6 July, 2018 10:00
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    8 July, 2018 15:30
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