Residential Workshop Developmental Trauma

Develpmental Trauma with Liana Netto

Developmental traumas are the basic, matrix networks that establish protection (resilience) or vulnerability for the fixation of shock trauma. The physical and emotional stress of our primordial experiences is stored in an implicit memory through specific patterns of emotions, behaviours, movements, and relationships.

Often these patterns become entangled in subsequent traumatic experiences, requiring a more sophisticated look at both the use of somatic tools and the management of therapeutic transference and countertransference processes.

This workshop intends to deepen the understanding and management of personality development not only as a restricted task of early childhood, but a masterpiece that we do throughout an entire life trajectory, in the process that Jung called individuation: a journey to become who you are, your Self, and at the same time, an extraordinary and simple human being.

ADRESSED TO: SEP´s and SE students (having completed

Advanced II)

Accommodation not included in the workshop price


Clinical psychologist
Liana Netto is a clinical psychologist with a PhD in Medicine and Health (Federal University of Bahia).
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